Scottsdale Aesthetic IQ Clinic Now Offering Juvéderm Volux


Newly FDA-approved treatment provides structure, support, and contour to the jawline and chin

Juvéderm Volux treatments are now available at Aesthetic IQ Clinic in Scottsdale. Volux is the first FDA-approved hyaluronic acid filler for jawline definition and sculpting. Although new to the United States, Volux has been delivering exceptional results in Canada, Europe, Asia, and South America for many years.

“I am so excited to bring VOLUX into my practice! As a national trainer for Allergan, I had first access to use the product in the US and have been seeing phenomenal results,” said Marissa Abdo, MS, RN, CANS, Aesthetic IQ Founder. “Colleagues in Canada have told me they see patients back 2+ years and their jawlines still look great!”

While Juvéderm Voluma has traditionally been used to treat the jawline in the United States because it is a long-lasting, strong filler, Volux, Voluma’s big brother, will provide even more impactful results. Volux has the same safety profile as other hyaluronic acids in the Juvéderm filler portfolio, but it is firmer, more cohesive, and has a higher hyaluronic acid concentration, all of which results in a stronger lift capacity, ideal for achieving the chiseled jawline that so many of us desire.

Anyone seeking a more defined and structured jawline, including those with mild to severe blurring of the jawline, hollowing in the pre- and post-jowl regions, and those interested in treating sunken chins, should consider treatment.

Volux can be used to treat persons of both genders, from young people with a naturally weak jawline to older people with a less prominent jawline as a natural result of aging. Individuals with extensive jowl tissue drooping below the jawline, excessive skin laxity, or significant fullness beneath the chin, on the other hand, are not appropriate candidates.

“This treatment is especially phenomenal for men! A lot of men start to wear beards to disguise an aging, less defined jawline and chin. I’ve found the majority of my male clients come in seeking treatment for their jawline and are extremely happy with their results,” said Abdo. “My husband was my first patient I injected, and he is thrilled with the results. His jawline is more defined, and it even helped minimize the appearance of fullness under his chin. He no longer wears a beard because he wants to show off his jaw!”

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